A clear and glowing face is every individual’s dream and heartfelt desire. However, due to certain reasons, some people have to live with scarred or uneven skin, but not anymore. Athena Skin & Laser in Chandigarh help you to achieve a smooth and radiant face using dermabrasion under the expert treatment offered by Doctor Harmandeep K. Sidhu.

What is dermabrasion?
Derma or dermis means skin and abrasion means scraping or rubbing away by friction. Thus “dermabrasion” means rubbing off the skin by friction. It is a process of clearing the skin off scars and patches by scraping it with some iron brush or a motorized wheel of diamond particles with rough edges. This brush or burr rotates rapidly and in the process removes and levels the upper layer of skin. This continues till the doctor reaches the near even surface to make the scars or craters less visible.

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The area to be treated is first numbed by local anesthesia. Then the ice pack is applied to stiffen the skin in that area. If the abrasion is deeper, then a freezing spray is used to firm up the skin. It is of utmost necessary to have firm skin to be able to carry out the abrasion procedure effectively. At Athena Skin & Laser, Doctor Harmandeep Sidhu carries out this process with precision and expertise.

After the skin is treated to and numbed by the freezing spray, the doctor starts the skin removal process by gradually rotating the abrasive wheel on the patient’s face, till a comfort level is reac

As far as the risk factor is concerned, dermabrasion does not create any serious issues. However, the side effects, though temporary, may include scarring, redness, flare-ups of acne or tiny cysts, increased color in the skin, swelling and increased sensitivity to sunlight.

There are plus and minus to every action. Just as there are some side effects, there are benefits too of getting a dermabrasion treatment. The most obvious benefit is that you get clear and glowing skin. Another benefit is that it boosts your confidence, as you have a presentable appearance.

Dermabrasion helps to reduce the scars made by injury or surgery, acne scars and also clears fine lines and wrinkles.

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