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Panchkula is one of the most well-planned, beautifully architected cities in India. Located in Haryana, the city is part of the Mohali-Chandigarh-Panchkula Tricity. Known for its lush green gardens and beautifully landscaped streets, the city has an old-worldly charm to it despite its modern infrastructure.

Panchkula has a population of well over 500,000. It also attracts a number of tourists and visitors on a regular basis. The city is home to two of the biggest, well-maintained gardens in the region – Yadavindra Gardens (also referred to as Pinjore Gardens) and Cactus Garden. Morni Hills is a favorite choice of people who enjoy hiking, trekking, rock-climbing, fishing, and camping. Mansa Devi Temple is also a prominent local attraction in the region.

Panchkula is an integral part of the Tricity metropolitan region and is well connected to nearby cities like Chandigarh by road, rail, and air. The Tricity area is full of clinics and hospitals, both public and private, catering to the healthcare needs of the people in the region and from surrounding cities.

The need for quality skincare has never been higher in the country, partly because of the increase in skin issues due to pollution and unhealthy lifestyle and partly due to the fact that the younger, urban generation offers great importance to personal appearance and is also willing to spend money on the same. Luckily for the residents of Panchkula and nearby cities, the best skincare clinic in the region is only a few minutes’ drive away.

Athena Skin Clinic, located in Chandigarh, has emerged as the most popular skincare clinic in the region in the recent past. Founded by Doctor Harmandeep Sidhu, the clinic has been the choice of a wide range of people – from locals to people from other parts of India and even international visitors – who are in need of high quality skin care at affordable costs.

Athena remains the preferred choice of Panchkula residents as well as visitors from other parts due to a number of reasons.

Proximity to Panchkula

The clinic is conveniently located in the heart of Chandigarh, which is very close to Panchkula. You can reach the clinic in a few minutes by road.

Well Connected and Easily Accessible

The clinic is conveniently located in the Tricity region, which is well connected to the rest of the country by road, rail, and air. So, visiting the clinic should not be a problem, no matter where you are from. Even if you are abroad, all you have to do is schedule an appointment with the clinic and reach the Delhi or Chandigarh airport. The clinic can arrange transportation as well as accommodation facilities for you.

Dedicated Staff

The clinic has a team of nurses and helpers to take care of patients. They are polite, treat you with the utmost care, and make you feel right at home. They have the technical know-how to operate the diagnostic systems and handle the day-to-day operations of the clinic efficiently. They also assist Doctor Sidhu in cosmetic procedures and treatments whenever required and monitor and take care of patients during pre and post surgery care.

Wide Range of Treatment Options

Athena offers an exceptionally wide range of options in terms of skin care, anti-aging, and cosmetic treatments. From Anti-Wrinkle injection shots to dermal fillers, medi facials, dermabrasion, acne scar and stretch mark removal, skin whitening, hair removal, and hair transplant, the clinic covers an entire spectrum of skin and hair care treatments.

Proven Track Record

Athena has successfully treated a large number of people, both from the Tricity region as well as other cities, and even people from abroad, over the past five years. The testimonials of the patients have been overwhelmingly positive. The clinic has earned its reputation mostly through word of mouth, without having to spend a fortune on advertising and marketing.

Doctor Harmandeep Sidhu, the founder of Athena, is the driving force behind the clinic’s success. Equipped with the right qualifications, expertise, and experience, Doctor Sidhu is known for her innovative approach to dermatology and has broken new grounds in terms of quality skin and hair care. She is the reason why people who are in need of a trustworthy skin specialist in Panchkula often flock to Athena Skin Clinic.

Get the Best Results Possible

With the latest medical equipment, state-of-the-art infrastructure, caring staff, and an eminent dermatologist to overview everything, Athena is your best choice to get world class skin and hair care without burning a hole in your pocket. No matter what kind of skin or hair problem you are suffering from, contact Athena Skin Clinic today. It is your best chance to get a safe and effective solution to your problems.
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