Tattoo Removal

People wear tattoos for different reasons and all along most people have been made to believe that they are permanent and people who have them have to live with them for the rest of their lives. This is not far from the truth as it was a few years ago. Currently and with the advent of the laser tattoo removal technology, someone does not have to live up with a tattoo they do not want.

In simple terms a tattoo can be described as designs made in various parts of the body through piercing of skin. These are either done by needles or more modern equipments. There are two kinds of tattoos: permanent and nonpermanent. Permanent tattoos are called so because the indelible ink used is inserted deep into the skin pigments thereby giving it the design, color and permanency. Interestingly, it cannot be washed away with soap and water.

Some of the reasons why people remove their tattoos include change of religious status, lack of interest, broken relation and one is stuck with their old partner’s initials or a simple thing like being misspelt. This can be a little embarrassing forcing the wearer to get rid of it completely

The most current and mostly used procedure is the laser technology. The laser is normally targeted on the area in question where it works by breaking the skin pigment and helping in vaporization of the tattoo in question. The lights are so intense and are known to work wonderfully. This is a most effective and less painful way of removing tattoos of all kinds from different parts of the body. It is important to note that the intensity of your treatment will depend on the size and the nature of the tattoo you want removed.

Laser removal method does not come cheap and one must be ready to spend heavily as the sessions are normally many. A little scarring of the skin has also been noted depending on the intensity of the tattoo and the sessions in question. Lastly, this still remains the most effective and affordable way to have your tattoo removed. A little pain is eminent. Athena Skin & Laser in Chandigarh specializes in highly effective tattoo removals using the latest laser techniques. Doctor Harmandeep Sidhu will recommend the appropriate laser treatment depending on condition and type of tattoo for each patient.
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