Scar Removal 

Scars can be a result of multiple reasons, including surgery, injury, acne, skin grafting or a trauma. While some people end up embracing their scars, there is a whole majority who feel demotivated and end up losing their confidence if they have a scar on a visible areas of their body.

Such people often look for scar removal options available in the market. Thankfully, the advances in medical technology have paved way for highly specialized procedures that not only remove these scars with precision, but also help prevent them from coming back.

One such cosmetic treatment involves the use of CO2 fractional laser to visible reduce all types of scars, including blotches, acne scars and traumatic or surgical marks. In India, this treatment is carried out by Doctor Harmandeep Sidhu at Athena Skin & Laser Clinic in Chandigarh.

How does fractional CO2 laser work for scar removal?

Fractional CO2 laser is a non-surgical approach to skin rejuvenation. It not only helps remove scars from the body of the patient, but also works deeply on the wrinkles, fine lines and damage to the skin caused by an excessive exposure to the sun.

In CO2 fractional laser, the laser light is fractionated into thousands of light shafts, which then penetrate deep into the skin surface. The light shafts pushes and removes the scarred parts of the skin. Over a period of time, the void created by the laser is filled with new skin cells.

In addition to removing the scarred surface of the skin, the collateral heating caused by CO2 fractional laser shrinks damaged collagen and promotes the development of new collagen. As a result, there is a dramatic improvement in wrinkles, fine lines and sun damaged skin as the old cells are replaced with new cells.

CO2 fractional laser, thus, paves way for scar-free, younger, tighter and smoother skin

For scar removal,  CO2 fractional laser is specifically focussed on the region with scar and the rest of the parts are left as is. The recovery depends upon the amount of area to be treated and how deeper laser is made to penetrate.

The level of penetration depends upon the type of scar, how deep it is and the amount of area that it covers. If laser is made to penetrate deeper into the dermal layer, then recovery time is more. Recovery takes much less time in case of shallow penetration.

Typically, the patients are able to see the results immediately. However, it takes anywhere between two and four months for them to observe complete results.

The new skin cells start to appear within 3 to 15 days. However, the skin continues to remain pink until the end of two months. The colour of the skin changes gradually, and that is what the patient is able to see that the scar is gone for good.

There are no major side effects associated with the procedure. However, the patients can initially expect to experience pain, redness and swelling.

An infection may occur occasionally, however, treatment with antibiotics eliminate the chances of its occurrence.

Doctor Harmandeep Sidhu at Athena Skin & Laser Clinic in Chandigarh specializes in using fractional CO2 laser for all types of scar removal. Contact today to know more details.

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