Fat Reduction

Healthy body is a well toned body, with strong muscles and adequate amount of fat deposit in body. However, the ones who are less fortunate to have such a figure resort to various methods of fat reduction.

Fat reduction implies that the excess fat deposits from the body are removed by different techniques and by use of medicines. This melts the fat and is transferred to liver through lymphatic glands and then thrown out of body through feces.

When we eat food, our body stores the reserves in the form of fat. It is basically calories or energy that is stored for later use. Nevertheless, if you do not exercise and burn the calories, they get accumulated in adipose tissues and over accumulation results in fat build up, especially around the waist and stomach. In some cases there may be fat deposits around arms, inner thighs, buttocks, neck, etc.

Yes! Unwanted and unsightly fat from the body can be removed by various techniques, the most advanced being laser fat reduction. In this procedure, without any anesthesia, the laser is applied to the targeted area. Common areas for fat reduction are thighs, waist, hips, under-chin and saggy biceps. The whole procedure takes about 40 mins. Many patients have described the procedure as relaxing as the targeted areas are slowly massaged.

However, modern medical science has introduced a more advanced and painless process called Mesotherapy lipodissolve. During this treatment, very fine injections of “cocktail” solution of natural extracts, medicines and vitamins are injected into target areas and the process is repeated every two weeks. The effect of the injections makes the fat melt down and is absorbed by lymphatics, which in turn transmits it to the liver from where it is given out through faeces.

This treatment of fat reduction should be performed by a doctor specialized in cosmetic surgery. Doctor Harmandeep K. Sidhu gives you a perfect treatment at Athena Skin & Laser. You come out looking and feeling good, with your body back in proper shape.

This is a liposuction without any surgery! Come visit us at Athena Skin Hair & Laser Clinic in Chandigarh to find out more and experience instantaneous results!

  • Doctor Harmandeep Sidhu performs 100% pain-free and non-surgical fat reduction through a revolutionary fat reduction laser.
  • Patient can see the results of fat reduction procedure within 24 hrs.
  • Fat deposits in the body are essential, as they are packets of energy stored by body for utilization in absence of food.
  • However, too much fat accumulation is ugly and dangerous, as it may increase risk of heart and other ailments.
  • Fat reduction means removal of excess fat from body and NOT weight loss technique.
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