Vitamin Therapy

Rarely do we find anyone in love with needles. However, injecting vitamins intravenously has become a popular trend in the past few years. This is especially true for celebrities and people around the world who care for their skin and want an instant boost in energy.

Vitamin injections started off as a celebrity health fad. However, it evolved over a period of a few years to become an important procedure in cosmetology, called vitamin therapy.

The immune system of the human body is designed naturally to function effortlessly and fight off diseases. However, such a seamless function is only possible when everyone lives in a world with chemical-free food and water and clean air. This is a distant possibility now in a world where pollution is increasing at such an alarming rate.

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Many therapies have been developed to boost the immune system and help the body heal naturally. However, the use of specific vitamins has been associated with a younger-looking, glowing and smoother skin and complexion.

Vitamin C therapy is one such vitamin that acts as a powerful antioxidant and brightens up the skin by reversing the visible signs of aging. It is believed that in addition to brightening up the skin and reducing wrinkles and fine lines, topical administration of vitamin also helps protect against harmful effects of exposure to sun rays.

Vitamin C can be directly applied to the skin in the form of mask, serum or lotion. One popular form of vitamin therapy is intravenous (IV) infusion of a mixture of vitamin C, B vitamins, calcium, and magnesium.

In an intravenous vitamin therapy, the dosage of vitamins is much greater than the daily amount of nutrient needed and the average dosage contained in a normal vitamin pill. The dosage of the vitamins and the types of vitamins used during the therapy depends upon the condition that the cosmetologist id specifically targeting.

For example, intravenous therapy can be specifically used to target wrinkles, fine lines, spots and blotches, infections, depression, low energy levels and several other forms of illnesses. However, it is best used to provide an instant glow and smoothness to the skin and to take away all the dullness.

As a part of vitamin therapy, a combination of nutrients can be injected intravenously and/or applied externally to provide an energy boost, promote repair of skin cells and to improve its appearance.

For intravenous infusion, a small catheter is injected into the vein to directly add vitamins to the blood. The catheter is attached to a plastic tubing so that the vitamin fluid drips slowly into the vein of the person looking forward to skin rejuvenation.

Vitamin therapy is practiced at several clinics in India. It is a popular procedure conducted by Doctor Harmandeep Sidhu at Athena Skin & Laser Clinic in Chandigarh. Each year, hundreds of people opt for this popular procedure to regain the lost glow of their skin. Contact today for more details!

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