Mole/Wart Removal

Moles and or warts can sometimes be quite unsettling. Most of those with warts or moles are born with them and are unable to live with them either because of their size or where they present themselves. This should not be a problem as there are many procedures that will help one choose to remove the mole or wart permanently.

We at Athena Skin & Laser in Chandigarh have extensive experience in the removal of the moles and warts. Doctor Harmandeep Sidhu has successfully treated many patients who are now free of these conditions.

These are painless and harmless skin pigments that are normally found in different parts of the body. They are easily identified because they are normally dark and are protruding at very strategic places either in the face, hands, arms or fingers. Most of the people who choose to have them removed find that they are unable to withstand the attention or stares they receive when friends or strangers stare at the moles or warts.

Most people use rudimentary methods to remove at home which normally has a greater risk and numerous un-warranted infections. To avoid this, it is important to seek the services of a medical practitioner or doctor who will ensure that treatment is done within a medical facility and with greater amount of success. It is important to make arrangements with your doctor and book an appointment and if possible arrange for the best procedure that will be beneficial to your mode of operation.

Before deciding on a procedure, the size and the position of the mole are taken into consideration. The procedures are on many occasions done on an out-patient basis. Some of the procedures used include:

  • Laser
  • Surgery
  • Freezing using liquid nitrogen
No serious risk is involved. There could be some pain; however extreme care is taken using local anesthesia. All of our patients have left satisfied with the procedure.
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