Female FUE Hair Transplant

Falling hair and thinning eyebrows are a matter of concern for most women. It affects their confidence and morale thus affecting their social and professional life. If you are one such person who is worried about your receding hairline and thinning eyebrow, you need not worry anymore.   

Through Female FUE hair transplant technique it is now possible to increase the volume of your hair without any side effects.  Female FUE hair transplant in Chandigarh is done by qualified Dr. Harmandeep Sidhu, M.D. Skin & V.D. at Athena Skin Clinic.

Though not as common as in men, hair loss in women is still a matter of concern. It is estimated that about 66% of women who are in their post-menopausal stage experience hair loss.

The pattern of baldness in female is quite different from male baldness. While in men new hair fail to replace the old ones, in female the rate of growth of hair slow down considerably. Moreover, the hair takes a long time to grow. This makes the hair look thin and fine. 

A permanent solution to this thinning hair is a hair transplant undertaken by the best dermatologist in Chandigarh.

FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction is an outpatient procedure of hair transplant that can provide a permanent solution to your hair loss problem.  In this procedure, 1-4 strands of hair from a follicular unit is taken from a donor area and transplanted in the recipient area. The donor area can be any part of the scalp with thick hair growth. Since the follicular units are extracted from the person’s body, it gives a more natural look to the hair once grown.

The hair transplant can be done in one or more sittings depending on the severity of hair loss. Once the transplant is done, it normally takes 4-6 months for the hair to grow.

FUE transplant in female involves the following procedure

  • Your scalp is cleaned thoroughly with an anti-bacterial shampoo and the donor area is shaven.
  • The area is then numbed using local anesthesia.
  • Small incisions are made around the follicular units in the donor area. 
  • Several follicular units are then taken out from the scalp.
  • Small holes are then made in the area where the hair needs to be transplanted.
  • The extracted follicular units are then placed in the recipient area to promote hair growth.

Just like any other medical procedure, antibiotics will be prescribed once the procedure is over. This helps to ward off infection. In order to stimulate hair growth, a special medication will also be provided. The only restriction for the patient is with respect to sun exposure.

Just like any other medical procedure, antibiotics will be prescribed once the procedure is over. This helps to ward off infection. In order to stimulate hair growth, a special medication will also be provided. The only restriction for the patient is with respect to sun exposure.

  • Any women between 25 and 50 years of age.
  • Women who have undergone medical treatment for thinning of hair and found it to be not effective. 
  • Absence of hair in certain area caused as a result of accident or burn.
  • Women whose medical treatment results in loss of hair like cancer treatment.
  • Women in good health condition.

If you are under treatment for lifestyle conditions like diabetes and hypertension, then FUE treatment is not meant for you. Similarly, if you are suffering from heart problem, then also this treatment is not recommended.

  • FUE is purely an outpatient procedure that can be done in 5-9 hours depending on hair to be transplanted.
  • FUE is a painless procedure. Thus, the recovery post the procedure is very fast.
  • FUE does not leave any scar marks after the procedure. This is particularly helpful when the procedure is done in eyebrows.
  • Unlike other hair transplant techniques, nerve damage is very low in FUE.
  • Since there is no cut or wound, the risk of infection is also very less.
  • For FUE transplant, your own hair is used. Hence it looks real and gel with your natural self.
  • Unlike men, women require only a small number of grafts to cover an area as they do not go completely bald.
  • To increase volume of hair: Women lose the thickness of their hair naturally as they grow old. Hormone and hereditary factors play an important role in thinning of hair. FUE helps in restoring the hair lost and helps create volume.
  • Correcting Eyebrow: Just like the hair in the scalp, the eyebrows also become thin and falls once women age. This can result in irregular shape of the eyebrows. Through FUE the thickness of the eyebrows can be improved which gives a natural look.
  • Athena skin clinic is run by Dr. Harmandeep Sidhu M.D. Skin & V.D who has 12+ years’ experience in the field of dermatology. She is the best skin specialist in Chandigarh with hands-on experience in dermatology and cosmetic procedure.
  • We follow international standard in all hair transplant procedures which ensures its effectiveness. The state-of-the-art operation theater and high-end surgical equipment’s used for the various procedures ensure the best result.
  • All those undergoing FUE transplant are offered one-to-one consultation withDr. Harmandeep Sidhu M.D. Skin & V.D. Patients are educated on all aspects of the procedure and subjected to a detailed examination. This helps in providing customized solution to each person. Patients can also discuss all their concerns and queries with the doctor. Confidentiality is ensured on all matters.
  • Dr. Harmandeep Sidhu personally oversees the surgery and is available throughout surgery for any queries.
  • The average time required for a hair implant is 5-9 hours. Thus, its a fairly quick procedure.
  • Our nurses are well-trained to attend to all requirements of the patient. We ensure complete satisfaction of our clients.
  • Hair transplant at Athena Skin clinic is cost-effective. Thus, you do not have to spend a lot for the procedure.

If you are looking for the best hair transplant in Chandigarh look no further. Athena skin clinic with its state-of-the-art infrastructure and well-experienced dermatologist ensures 100% success.  

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