Glow Medi-Facials

Damaged skin can be a real confidence killer. They can make you look old but may also leave some unsightly marks on the skin. Glow Medi-Facials help you restore flawless glow and youthful look on your skin by removing the damaged outer layer and leaving behind the smooth flawless texture on the skin.

Scientists describe this procedure like a chemical procedure used to make the skin smoother through a chemical solution. The solution makes the skin slough the dead skin hence it ends up peeling making the skin smoother. The Glow Medi-Facials are solutions used to destroy the outer damaged skin cells in a controlled and safe manner. The chemical is administered on the skin surface as a facial peel and is highly recommended for people who have some blemishes, wrinkles and even uneven skin pigmentation.

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Before anything is done on the skin, it is important for one to first identify the type of skin which they are working on. For example, is it dry or oily? The skin of the patient or outpatient is then cleansed with an agent so as to remove the excess oils on the skin. During this cleansing process, the eyes and hair are sufficiently protected.

Once this is done, the chemical solutions are then applied to the spots that are scarred or which have blemishes. The range of chemical solutions used can include glycolic acid, the carbolic acid, the salicylic acid, the lactic acid, and the trichloroacetic acid. The chemical solutions introduce a controlled wound that slowly dissolves away the outer damaged skin and allows the regenerated skin to bloom.

The process can take up to two weeks to be complete. People who suffer from cold sores are advised to start by taking antiviral medicines at least two weeks prior to the procedure. If all is well then, one can go ahead and apply Glow Medi-Facials. In any case, the Athena Skin & Laser has tremendous experience in administering the Glow Medi-Facials with great efficacy under the safe pair of hands of Doctor Harmandeep Sidhu.

  • The patient will experience a warm to hot sensation during the procedure. Cool compresses are applied to ease the discomfort.
  • After the procedure and depending on the type of the Glow Medi-Facials, the patient may experience a “sunburn” feeling.
  • Depending on your condition the dermatologist, Doctor Harmandeep Sidhu, will determine the depth of the glow Medi-Facials to be applied.
  • Avoid over-exposure to the sunlight after a glow Medi-Facials as the skin is still very sensitive.

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  • Certain skin types may develop temporary or permanent color change after the procedure.
  • There is a low risk of scarring in certain skin types. The scarring is, however, treatable.
  • With Doctor Sidhu’s expertise in the dermatological treatments, side effects are extremely rare at the Athena Skin & Laser.
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