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Are you looking for the best & Permanent Laser Hair Removal in Chandigarh, India?

Athena Skin & Laser Clinic in Chandigarh provides the best laser hair removal treatment in Chandigarh.

Laser Hair Removal is a fairly new concept for many Indians, even though the procedure has been around for a very long time. Laser Hair Removal has numerous benefits without any side-effects and costs effective if you take into account the lifetime cost of other procedures like waxing, shaving, etc. We at Athena Skin & Laser Clinic in Chandigarh understand that Indians are getting more self-aware, taking care of their bodies and wanting to look good. The biggest concern of our patients is getting rid of unwanted hair.

Along with women, lots of men and teenagers are also taking to Laser Hair Removal to enhance their looks and be free of regular hair shaving or waxing. One thing that makes Athena Skin & Laser stand out is effective results. We do not promise what we cannot deliver. Please go through the information given below, which should give you a clear idea about the whole procedure. You can contact Athena Skin & Laser for a trial laser hair removal session at Rs.99 only.

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What is Laser Hair Removal?

One of the most popular cosmetic procedures for removing unwanted body hair is termed as laser hair removal. If you are the one looking to get rid of unwanted body hair then laser hair removal in Chandigarh is the best option available for you.

In this process, highly concentrated light beams are used and these are directed towards the hair area that is intended to be removed. 

Selective penetration of laser beams takes place that helps hair follicles’ destruction in the skin. This is possible since the pigment present in skin follicles absorbs these.

Following are the body areas that could be treated with the help of laser hair removal: Shoulders, Back, Bikini area, Chest, Face, Neck

Benefits of laser hair removal at Athena Skin Clinic:

With the help of this treatment at Athena Skin Clinic, one can get rid of the unwanted hair from the leg, back, face, arm, chin, bikini line, underarm and other such parts of the body. Asclepion MeDioStar NeXT laser machine is used in the process that makes it all the more effective. There are several benefits that one can enjoy from laser hair removal such as:

Safety of Laser hair removal: 

The process of hair removal from the laser is medical and must, therefore, be performed only by trained professionals. In this case, when all the things are done as per the norms, there is nothing much to be worried about. Most people look for laser hair removal Side effects to know whether it is safe or not. This treatment is certainly safe. 

However, prospective laser hair removal Side effects are there in this process as well as with the other processes that mainly depend on the type of hair, sensitivity, skin, etc.  

Anyone who feels the need for a fresher, younger and glowing look can undergo this procedure at  Athena Skin & Laser Clinic in Chandigarh. However, the most suitable candidates are those with acne-prone and dull skin, blemishes, wrinkles and fine lines on their face.

One of the benefits associated with carbon peel is that it results in no major side effects. Moreover, people who undergo this procedure can immediately return to their normal daily routine as soon as it is done. However, regular skin care routine is mandatory to maintain the glow of the skin.

Instant brightening of the skin takes place in a single sitting of carbon peel treatment. It gives an instant glow to the skin, and there is a drastic reduction in the open pores, blemishes and oil production.

Carbon peel is a popular procedure performed by Doctor Harmandeep Sidhu at Athena Skin & Laser Clinic in Chandigarh. Hundreds of people from India and abroad opt for this procedure each year at the clinic.

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