Cryo Surgery

The cryosurgery technique works by rapidly freezing out tissue cells thus destroying them. The rapid freezing technique is performed to subzero temperatures in order induce an irreversible cell damage. Complete cell destruction will occur at temperatures of -20 to -90 degrees Celcius. Some white areas of necrosis will appear..

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Mole/Wart Removal

Moles and or warts can sometimes be quite unsettling. Most of those with warts or moles are born with them and are unable to live with them either because of their size or where they present themselves. This should not be a problem as there are many procedures that will help one choose to remove the mole or wart permanently.

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Psoriasis is non-contagious but can be a life-long skin disease that appears on the skin as little red patches or even lesions which are usually covered by a buildup of dead cells which are white in color. These will normally look as scales on the skin surface. The scaling covering the red lesions for someone suffering from psoriasis will become..

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Fungal Infection

Fungal infection can be quite unsettling as it presents itself in many conditions. Those suffering from the condition are on most occasions at a loss regarding the flare ups. But all is not lost and you can say goodbye to the infection once and for all with specialized and expert fungal treatments. Doctor Harmandeep K. Sidhu and the team is on hand to assist..

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