Psoriasis Treatments Chandigarh

Psoriasis is non-contagious but can be a life-long skin disease that appears on the skin as little red patches or even lesions which are usually covered by a buildup of dead cells which are white in color. These will normally look as scales on the skin  surface. The scaling covering the red lesions for someone suffering from psoriasis will become more apparent when they are scratched or scraped.

The condition is usually characterized by flare-ups and remissions and is usually accompanied by several other symptoms such as the thickening of the nails, pitting of the thimble and in some cases even fever might result from the infection. Doctor Harmandeep Sidhu has handled number of such cases like  Psoriasis Treatment  at Chandigarh clinic and treated patients with severe cases of the condition.

These are normally unsightly scaly body condition that can sometimes be quite embarrassing if not unsettling. Those who suffer these normally do so without ever understanding what is ailing them. Such scaly conditions are normally seen in the elbows, knees, the lower back, wrists just to name a few. The problem with the condition is that they sometimes become quite itchy and makes the sufferer a little uncomfortable around people.

The cause of psoriasis remains a mystery although certain conditions do aggravate it such as the cold conditions. There has been some extensive research into the condition which has significantly improved our understanding of the condition. According to the most recent research, psoriasis seems to result from an abnormality in the white blood cells which in the end trigger an inflammation of the skin. Due to the inflammation, the skin begins to undergo rapid shedding after every three or four days, a condition which to us is known as psoriasis.

The causes for this abnormality in the red blood cells are multifactorial. Apart from the genetic tendencies, evidenced based research has also unveiled other possible causes stress, food allergens, use of certain drugs, environmental allergens, drugs, systemic illness and even skin trauma many of which will coalesce to create the altered immunity that triggers psoriasis.

Apart from its being unsightly and scaly they are on most occasions treatable and can be done away for good. It is also important to wear clothes that are less irritating to the body like pure cotton to avoid worse flare-ups. Do not at any moment try to self-treat yourself before seeking further medical diagnosis and treatment from a recognized medical professional. The best way to diagnose is through a skin biopsy which is normally done by Doctor Sidhu. Self-diagnosis might lead to treating other conditions which are not in any way related to the condition at hand.
There are numerous modes of treatments depending on the age, and condition of the skin. Psoriasis, while having external symptoms, is an internal disease, primarily arising from a defective immune system and some genetic predispositions. Cortisone can be used to manage the symptoms of the disease while not eliminating it entirely. Harmandeep Sidhu’s treatments for psoriasis in Chandigarh have been found to be highly effective.
The disease is stubborn and chronic and it is not possible to prescribe a wholesale time interval during which the treatment will be complete. The duration will vary on a case by case basis but generally, most patients begin to respond well after three to six weeks.
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