Birth Mark Removal

Birth marks are harmless irregularities in the skin that are present at the time of the birth or shortly after birth. While some birth marks add to the beauty of the person in question, a majority of them, especially on the face, end up reducing the confidence of an individual.

There are different reasons why people decide to get their birthmark removed. Typically, people opt to get a birthmark removed because of cosmetic reasons or when if there is a health risk associated with it.

Doctor Harmandeep Sidhu at Athena Skin & Laser Clinic in Chandigarh specializes in using laser and surgical procedure to remove all types of birthmarks. Each year, hundreds of patients from areas in and around Chandigarh and from abroad visit the clinic to get their birthmark removed.

Birthmarks are removed with the help of laser or through a surgical procedure. The doctor may decide either of the two procedures, depending upon the size, location and types of birthmark that the patient wants to get removed. The doctor may even consider if there are any complexities involved in the removal of the birthmark.

There are two major types of birthmarks:Vascular birthmarks: These appear as red, pink, magenta or blue-black stains because of the presence of malformed blood vessels that are either wide or numerous. Vascular birthmarks may appear on the neck, face, eyelids, forehead, legs or arms and can be either superficial or deep seated within the skin.

Some of the form of vascular birthmarks disappear on their own with age, while some are associated with disorders of the eye, glaucoma and seizures.

Pigmented (melanin) birthmarks: Pigmented birthmarks are a result of excess melanin, the pigment that determines the colour of the skin. These can be light to dark (brown, tan or black) in colour, and are present in the form of a spot or a mole.

Smaller pigmented birthmarks are harmless, however, marks that are larger in size or appear to grow after a certain age should be checked by a doctor and removed as these may result in melanoma of the skin.

People who believe that their birthmark could potentially cause a problem later in life or those who suffer from low confidence and self-esteem can opt for this procedure.

The most common form of procedure for birthmark removal involves the use of laser. There are different types of laser treatment available for birthmark removal at Athena Skin & Laser Clinic in Chandigarh. Doctor Harmandeep Sidhu selects one of these procedures, based on the size, location and type of birthmark and the one which is best suited for your skin type.

Laser system works by heating the pigments in the underlying skin with the help of high-energy pulses. The broken pigments are automatically picked up by the swift action of the immune system and as a result, the birthmark disappears after a few sessions.



Typically, people are able to see results after just one treatment session. However, it takes multiple sessions to break down the pigments and completely remove the mark or mole from the skin. Depending on the size of the birthmark, it may take as many as 10 treatment sessions, conducted at an interval of one month each, to completely remove birthmark.

Because they are a part of healthy tissue, birthmarks may regrow and reappear after a few years. However, these can be suppressed with the help of maintenance therapies.

Birthmark removal conducted by Doctor Harmandeep Sidhu at Athena Skin & Laser Clinic in Chandigarh is completely safe and an effective procedure. Call today to know more.

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