Stretch Mark Removal

The stretch marks are simply blemish lines occurring on your skin surface due to a number of reasons but mostly the stretching of the skin. The main cause is actually due to the rapid stretching of the skin when a rapid expansion occurs in cases such as pregnancies, weight gain, or undergoing a sudden and extreme weight loss. They appear as scars or simply stretch marks.

At the microscopic level, what occurs is that the skin breaks at the dermis and the bands of collagens joining together into the strong bonds that make up the skin are cut. The stretch marks can be red or purplish and in some cases can fade to form a whitish or silvery hue on the skin surface.

Stretch marks are more common than you would think affecting up to 90% of pregnant women, 70% of young females and up to 40% of the young males.

Although stretch marks can occur in almost every part of the body, they are usually most concentrated in areas of the body with excessive fat. These can include the abdomen area, the breasts, the hips, the underarms, the upper arms, thighs, lower back and the buttocks. The discoloration caused can be embarrassing although the magnitude will diminish with time but some of the discoloration will linger on for the longest time. At Athena Skin & Laser run by Doctor Harmandeep K. Sidhu, we offer one of the best and advanced options for flawless stretch mark removal in India.

At Athena Skin & Laser, we offer very simple and non-invasive techniques for stretch mark removal. The most advanced and non-invasive technique that removes stretch marks with greater efficacy is the Fractional CO2 laser treatment. The type of laser treatment applied by Doctor Harmandeep K. Sidhu will depend on the degree of discoloration of the stretch mark.

The laser focuses on the microscopic level to remove the stretch marks. The laser will focus on only a small part of the stretch marks at a time. Normally, the stretch mark will be removed after several treatment sessions to avoid damaging the skin.

Several factors will have an impact on the number treatments that you can undergo. These will include factors such as the skin color and the skin type. On average, five to six treatments are usually sufficient to eliminate the stretch marks. The duration of each treatment session will be dependent on the area under stretch marks.

The side effects of stretch mark treatment are very rare. Normally, you will see some reddening or swelling of the area under treatment but this will disappear quickly.

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